Bella Hadid can’t seem to catch a break lately. Hadid and former boyfriend The Weeknd broke up last November, and on Saturday, The Weeknd was seen sharing a smooch Selena Gomez. Just one day later, on Jan. 20, Hadid suffered a major wardrobe malfunction while in Paris.

The model was with Keeping Up With The Kardashian star Kendall Jenner, and both wore sheer tops. Hadid clearly didn’t wear double sided tape, and she strutted around Paris, her jacket rustled and, for a split second, her left nipple became exposed. Unfortunately for Hadid, this split second was enough for cameras to take a picture, and her nip slip is now documented for the world to see.

Meanwhile Jenner, who also wore a sheer top, remembered a crucial element that kept her from becoming overexposed. Jenner had star-shaped pasties covering her nips, so she remained put together the entire night.