Being Human, the Syfy supernatural hit that explores the way three paranormal roomies — a vampire, a ghost, and a werewolf — attempt to navigate the real world in spite of their unique abilities / handicaps, aired its Season 2 premiere Monday night, and fans are buzzing about the new direction the show is taking.

Being Human, the latest in an ever-growing list of U.K.-inspired shows remade in the states, picks up its second season shortly after one of the three main characters, 200-year-old vampire Aidan, has killed his evil maker, Bishop (Mark Pellegrino). "At the end of the first season, we all feel our characters had gained a certain level of freedom and their lives were going to get a little easier," executive producer Adam Kane said, reports Huffington Post. "Aidan (Sam Witwer, pictured) had killed Bishop … so we feel he's on the path to becoming free. Josh (Sam Huntington) has let his secret [of being a werewolf] out, so you feel he has a shot at a successful relationship."

But new challenges lie ahead. "It gets dark fast," Witwer told TV Guide. Aidan finds himself stepping into the role of the recently deceased Bishop, becoming the leader of the Boston vampires. "He's completely submersed in the vampire world and his old reflexes begin to re-emerge." Fans of the show know that Aidan was once a "calculating, efficient killer," and all fingers point toward him revisiting his former bloodthirsty ways.

Meanwhile, Josh has to deal with the terrifying fact that, just when things seem to be looking up, he may have "infected" his girlfriend Nora (Kristen Hager) with his werewolf curse. "The way it's being played is almost like a metaphor to giving someone you love [HIV]," Witwer said. Even ghost Sally's [Meaghan Rath's] character has her own "grim" storyline to follow, as she meets up with another doomed specter from her past. "Sally is grasping for a person, so when you're that vulnerable, it's very easy to let bad things in," Huntington revealed.

You can catch Being Human Mondays at 9 p.m. on SyFy and find out why the tagline for this season is: "Temptation is a Beast."

Watch a teaser for Season 2 here:

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