Disney’s next animated film-turned-live action feature is set to be Beauty and the Beast, according to reports.

Beauty and the Beast Live Action Movie

Following the success of Maleficent, which made $70 million in its opening weekend in the U.S., Disney is putting plans in motion to bring a live-action version of 1991’s Beauty and the Beast to the big screen, according to Variety.

Director Bill Condon has reportedly already been tapped to helm the picture. Condon was most recently behind the camera for Julian Assange biopic The Fifth Estate. He’s also served as the director for the last two Twilight films as well as Dreamgirls. No casting information has been reported for the new Beauty and the Beast picture.

The animated Beauty and the Beast remains one of Disney’s most beloved films, and received ample critical acclaim, getting a Best Picture nod at the 1992 Oscars. In 1994, the story was adapted for a Broadway musical.

Beauty and the Beast is joining a couple of other Disney classics that will be returning to the big screen as live action flicks. Kenneth Branagh has been hired to direct the Cinderella feature, while Jon Favreau will helm The Jungle Book.


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