The BBC has launched an investigation after Prince William and Prince Harry accused Martin Bashir of ruining Princess Diana’s reputation and causing her death.

A statement on Monday said that Lord Dyson‘s report had been “profoundly sobering” after concluding that Bashir lied his way into interviewing Diana in 1995, using fake bank statements.

The investigation will be managed by non-executive directors Sir Nick Serota, Ian Hargreaves and Sir Robbie Gibb. Gibb oversees the BBC’s editorial guidelines and standards committee. A report about the investigation will be made in September.

“We have confidence that the processes and guidelines in today’s BBC are much stronger than they were in 1995, but we know we must also do what we can to prevent such an incident [from] happening again. As such, we think it is right that we review the effectiveness of the BBC’s editorial policies and governance in detail,” said the board in a statement.

“In doing this, the board will hold the executive to account to ensure they are strong day-to-day editorial processes and a clear route by which to handle any specific issues arising from Lord Dyson’s report. The board will look at the culture of the BBC and as part of its remit to assess the effectiveness of policies and practice.”

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