Last week, a man interviewed via Skype from his home on BBC was interrupted when his two children burst into the room and his wife had to hastily scoop them up.


The man, Robert Kelly, was completely flustered and tried to shove the children away until his wife appeared. He was also unable to continue with the interview until the children had left, and was clearly embarrassed and apologized.

New Zealand comedy duo show Jono and Ben created a spoof video, showing how a mother would have handled the same situation. The video starts out the same, with the woman, Kate Wordsworth, discussing the political climate in South Korea before her daughter barges in.

Wordsworth nonchalantly scoops the child up and feeds her milk, all whilst continuing with the broadcast flawlessly. Next the toddler runs in and she hands him a toy to keep him busy. The tasks she must perform get more and more ridiculous, from cooking a roast to steaming a dress shirt to defusing a bomb, all while never straying from the political conversation of the interview.

Watch the hilarious video below.

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