Last week, “Copacabana” singer Barry Manilow was forced to cancel his sold-out Westgate Hotel show in Las Vegas due to a bronchial infection, however he is recovered and back on stage.

Barry Manilow Health Update

Initially, Manilow addressed that he had fears for his health after he had to cancel the first show out of his Las Vegas residency. However, as of last Friday Manilow is ready to perform.

“I’m feeling great, it was very dramatic, I haven’t got much drama in my life so this is fantastic,” he said on Good Morning Britain. “I developed pneumonia and you can’t breathe and for a singer this is not good.”

However, though he believes that he is recovered, the hospital advised rest for six weeks. Unfortunately, that was too long of a wait for Manilow. “They put me in hospital and fixed me up and said I should rest for six weeks and I gave it four days and came back,” he says.

The singer recently celebrated his 75th birthday on June 17, after his hospitalization. Now he is planning to travel to the UK for a series of special concerts in December.

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