Patrick Leach, son of Barney creator Sheryl Leach, was arrested for allegedly attempting to murder another man in Agoura Hilla, Calif., on Jan. 9.

Leach, 27, allegedly shot 49-year-old Eric Shanks in the chest in Malibu on Wednesday, Jan. 9, according to Police claim to have recovered evidence that links Patrick to the attempted homicide, but are still trying to uncover the motive. However, it is believed it may have been the result of a "neighbor dispute," according to LA Weekly. The victim was treated at UCLA and is reportedly expected to fully recover from his gunshot wounds.

Police had recieved a call that reported the sound of gunshots at around 9:30 a.m. in a neighborhood in Malibu, according to reports. Leahy, the alleged shooter, fled the scene in a black SUV. He is currently being held on $1,00,000 bail for the attempted murder. "Look, he comes from big money so he was able to post that kind of bail the same day he was arrested," Malibu Sherriff's Station representative Lt. Matthew Squire told The Malibu Times.

Leach's mother, who created Barney & Friends in 1987, reprised her producer role for the 2012 purple dinosaur movie Barney: Clean Up, Clean Up! and presently resides in Greenwich, Conn.

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