Barbie has released an official Queen Elizabeth II doll in celebration of the monarch’s 96th birthday on Thursday as well as her Platinum Jubilee marking 70 years as Queen. Barbie showed off the regal doll on Twitter and also noted that Queen Elizabeth “is the longest-serving British monarch, and first to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee.”

The toy features an ivory gown, medallions bearing the orders of the royal family, and a tiara reportedly inspired by Queen Mary’s fringe tiara that Queen Elizabeth wore on her wedding day.

Barbie manufacturer Mattel said in a statement that the doll’s gown was chosen as it is “the style of gown that she’s favored in royal portraits of herself.” Inspiration even went as far as the packaging, which added some homages to Buckingham Palace in the form of red carpeting and a gilded frame in the toy’s box.

The Royal Family shared an adorable photo of the monarch at the age of 2 in the year 1928, when she would have appreciated her own Barbie that much more.

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