Despite a few upsets on Day 1 of the 2011 Men's NCAA Tournament, Barack Obama's bracket is still significantly intact. The President correctly chose 14 of the 16 winners in yesterday's first round, including the notable upsets of Richmond over Vanderbilt and Gonzaga over St. John's. A talented basketball player himself, Obama filled out his annual bracket earlier this week, predicting that the Kansas University Jayhawks will win it all.

Along with the POTUS, many celebrities are taking their chances with this year's matchups during the two week tournament. The Social Network's Jesse Eisenberg has chosen last year's champion the Duke Blue Devils to go all the way, while Heidi Klum is trusting her fashion instincts by selecting the Syracuse Orangemen, mostly because of the color of their jerseys. It may not be quite the Academy Awards, but March Madness still manages to have enough drama and surprises to keep fans of all kinds entertained until the final buzzer —EMILY EXTON

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