The former President Barack Obama talked about his daughter Sasha’s relationship with Maisy Biden, the granddaughter of President Joe Biden and Obama’s former vice president. One notable aspect of his daughter’s relationship with Biden’s granddaughter was when they played basketball together in fourth grade at Washington’s Sidwell Friends School.

Sasha and Maisy’s recreational league basketball team in fourth grade was called The Vipers with Obama serving as their coach. According to Obama in his memoir titled A Promised Land, he was fired as the coach of their basketball team following a series of complaints from parents who claimed that he had an unfair advantage with his team. Obama reflected on his time as a basketball coach for his daughter and commended Maisy for her skills as a basketball player. “Maisy was like the LeBron of the league. She dominated,” Obama told Dax Shepard on the podcast Armchair Expert. “She was great, you know, and we went undefeated. The Vipers ruled.”

Obama further revealed that he made a three-point shot in front of Biden while he was still president and yelled “that’s what I do” repeatedly when walking out of the gym. Obama clarified that it was Maisy who passed him the ball when he made the shot. “The best part of that shot was, if you go back and look at the video there’s a young woman in a mask who’s under the basket and she’s the one who gave me the pass: That is Joe Biden’s granddaughter Maisy Biden, who was one of Sasha’s best friends and still is growing up. They went to the same school.”

Obama said that Biden did not get annoyed with the former president’s luck because his granddaughter was the one who helped him make the shot. “Part of the reason Joe didn’t mind was because his granddaughter, she got the assist. She dropped the dime, man. It was right there. All I had to do was just finish.”

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