President Barack Obama and Dwayne Johnson appear to be look alikes according to a new mashup pic of the two men that hit the net on Tuesday.

Barack Obama and Dwayne Johnson Face Mashup Pic Shocks The Web

Isaac Luther, who goes by the screen name eye2 on imgur, shared a face mashup of Obama and Johnson which turned out to be a surprising fit.

The pic now has over 900,000 views and thousands of comments noting how beautiful, amazing and impressive the mashup is.

Luther cleverly named the photo, “TheRock Obama.”

TheRock Obama - Imgur

Check out the morphing image to see how the mashup came to be, as a few viewers pointed out, it’s hard to tell where Obama starts and where Johnson ends.

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Obama even commented back in 2014 that he can see the resemblance between himself and the former wrestler, joking that the only difference is, “I have a little more hair.”

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