As if the Baltimore Ravens didn’t humiliate the San Francisco 49ers enough on Sunday night’s Super Bowl game, now Ravens’ player Terrell Suggs is coming out for gay rights, in direct opposition to anti-gay remarks made by Chris Culliver, who famously said that he “don’t do the gays” right before the Super Bowl game.

Suggs proclaimed that he and his Baltimore Raven teammates would welcome an openly gay player. “We don’t care, Suggs told NBC Sports. “Our biggest thing in the locker room is to just have fun and stay loose.”

Suggs’ gay-rights approach to football is also famously shared by teammate Brendon Ayanbadejo, who has been an outspoken advocate for same-sex marriage and previously revealed his intentions to use the Super Bowl as a platform for promoting gay, lesbian, and transgender rights. “I was raised around gay people in a very liberal society,” Ayanbedejo told the New York Times. “Discrimination was never allowed.”

Ayanbedejo took a diplomatic stance when it came to Culliver’s comments, however. “Culliver is going to turn this into a positive thing,” he told the New York Daily News. “I think in San Francisco, and being from the Bay Area myself, we really try to preach love and acceptance of everybody,” Ayanbadejo said. “I couldn’t really say anything negative to the young man. It’s just one of those things you have to live and you have to learn. In the words of Martin Luther King, ‘You can’t fight hate with hate. You have to fight hate with love.’ We’ve all made our mistakes.”

In support of his friend, his team’s attitude, and LGBT rights, Suggs added, “On this team, with so many different personalities, we just accept people for who they are and we don’t really care too much about a player’s sexuality …. You know who you are, and we accept you for it.”

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