The geniuses behind the Bad Lip Reading videos are at it again, this time tackling Star Wars, as they make Yoda sing to Luke Skywalker about being attacked by seagulls at the beach.


In the nearly four minute video, the anonymous Bad Lip Reading creator made a montage from The Empire Strikes Back where Yoda trains Skywalker in the swamps. Clearly Yoda is a good choice, as his mouth hardly moves the way a humans does when speaking, so the creator had more leniency.

It starts off with Skywalker complaining that a “bad guy hit me in the shin and I peed all in my pants. Yoda laughs at him, and then tells him a story of how seagulls attacked him at a beach, even though people had warned him not to go there. He then says he makes a great backpack, and we see Skywalker run through the swamp with Yoda on his back. Yoda also uses R2-D2 as a drum kit.

See the whole ridiculous video below.


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