The masters behind “Bad Lip Reading” are at it again, this time taking on this year’s presidential election by reimagining the words of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.


Bad Lip Reading initially gained fame by stripping videos of football players and coaches on the field, and inserting their own voices saying what it looks like their mouths are saying. Most of the time, these do not make any sense, which is what makes the videos so hilarious and appealing.

In the Debate Night edition, Clinton and Trump went head to head in a new take on the debate. Even anchor Lester Holt‘s voice was altered to ask some seriously ridiculous questions. Instead of talking politics, the entire debate was reimagined as a strange game show of sorts.

The first game was called “I Can Do This,” which saw the candidates declaring something they could do, and usually involved them singing or making strange mouth noises. The second game was “Five Favorites,” at which point Trump was selected to answer five of his favorite things including favorite and least favorite actors (Will Shatner and Elliott Gould), favorite bird sound (chirp), favorite way to eat chicken (raw), and finally, favorite parasite (lice).


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The final round of this “debate” was the “Time to Act!” game, where each candidate/contestant had to act out a scene provided by Holt. Among the most memorable were “you stick up for your friend in fourth grade” for Clinton, and “you interrogate a kiwi bird” for Trump.

Watch the whole thing below.

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