Brian Howe, singer and frontman for the British rock band Bad Company, died in his home on Tuesday after going into cardiac arrest. He was 66.

The singer was born in Portsmouth, England and performed with a few local bands before being invited to sing on Ted Nugent‘s 1984 album “Penetrator.” Eventually, he founded the band Bad Company, who in 1986 lost their lead singer, Paul Rodgers, to another project. With Howe as their lead singer, Bad Company went on to produce four more albums, and one, called Holy Water became a platinum best seller in the United States.


He left Bad Company in 1994 to go onto solo work, releasing one album in 1997 and another in 2010. He also briefly worked with the band Megadeth. Most recently, in 2017, he released a song called “Hot Tin Roof.” The singer had been touring through 2019, even though he suffered a heart attack in 2017.

Howe is survived by his son Michael, and his daughters Victoria and Ella.

Fans, friends, and colleagues remembered the singer on social media: