The 65th Annual Grammy Awards at Arena had a sensational opening thanks to Bad Bunny and his all-Spanish performance on Sunday night that got even Taylor Swift and Jack Harlow dancing.

The Puerto Rican star took to the stage to perform a medley of hits from his record-breaking album Un Verano Sin Ti, which made history after becoming the first Spanish-language LP to be nominated for Album of the Year.

After his show-stopping performance of “El Apagon” and “Despues De La Playa,” which many fans have deemed as one of the best moments of the night, Bad Bunny went on to win the Grammy Award for Best Música Urbana.

“Gracias! I made this album with love and passion, nothing else,” he said in his passionate acceptance speech. “When you do things with love and passion, everything is easier. Life is easier. Thank you to everyone who listens to my music. Gracias a todos los Latinos. Thanks to all the artists who worked on this album, to the producers. I want to dedicate this award to Puerto Rico, the capital of reggaeton. I want to dedicate it to the legends and not only the legends, but also new artists who keep this movement alive and keep refreshing it. To all the talents, let’s keep taking this genre to new levels. I love you all.”  

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