Bad Bunny recently collaborated with the Crocs shoe brand to create a limited-edition pair of clogs, complete with glow in the dark Bad Bunny themed Jibbitz.

Jibbitz, by the way, are the little cartoon-y charms that fit into the holes on top of Crocs, as pictured in Bad Bunny’s above tweet.

To the disappointment of Bad Bunny and Crocs fans alike, the shoe sold out almost immediately after their release on Tuesday.

On Twitter, people who had wanted the shoe but did not get the opportunity to purchase them responded with memes, petitions, and potential knockoffs alike.

The excitement over the shoes – and subsequent letdown – was similar to when Post Malone collaborated with Crocs, and the shoes he helped design sold out within mere hours.

However, if the Post Malone Crocs set any precedent, then Bad Bunny fans can luckily expect more chances to get his signature shoe soon. Post Malone ultimately collaborated with Crocs four times, and in Bad Bunny’s tweet announcing his shoes had sold out, he encouraged fans to “stay in the loop for future collabs.”

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