Back to the Future II, which hit theaters back in 1989, predicted a lot of things about the year 2015 – some which have come to fruition, some which haven’t quite yet.

Back To The Future 2015 Predictions

In the late 80s movie that starred Michael J. Fox as time traveling teen Marty McFly, a lot was predicted about a year 26 years into the future. Likely the most highly-anticipated technological advancement was the hover board – Marty’s preferred method of transportation. Unfortunately, though there are a few prototypes and Tony Hawk is purportedly working on one with a tech company, hover boards have yet to reach the masses.

Back to the Future also thought that self-lacing shoes, flying cars and rejuvenation masks would become commonplace by now. On the flipside, the film believed that fax machines and phone booths would still be prevalent, though both technologies are fast becoming relics of the past.

What did Back to the Future get right about 2015? Flat screen TVs and video conference technology (Skype, FaceTime, etc.) are fixtures in modern society. 3D is now commonplace and biometric identification, holograms and drones are in use and on their way to becoming more widespread.

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