One of the most important episodes of the The Bachelorette aired last night, in which Rachel Lindsay was sent to her four remaining suitors’ homes to meet their respective families. The pivotal hometown week was upon us and did not disappoint.

The episode began with a trip to Baltimore, Maryland, home of Eric Bigger. He met Rachel in a nice waterfront park overlooking one of the city’s many harbors, although he was quick to tell her that this wasn’t the Baltimore he grew up in. His neighborhood was much more crime ridden and dangerous.

The couple goes to his neighborhood and plays basketball on the court that Eric frequented as a child and teen. A friend of his comes to the court and tell Rachel about Eric’s best qualities including the fact that he avoided succumbing to a criminal life, while many of his friends and family members did. Eric smiles in the background, possibly because he’s bashful or because he’s happy his friend is saying all the right things.

Rachel and Eric then go to meet his family – his friend from the basketball court has appeared in the home as well. The family welcomes Rachel with open arms and makes her feel right at home. Eric has never brought a girl home and while this makes Rachel nervous, his family puts her at ease.


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Save for two heartfelt, forgiving, and loving conversations Eric had with both his mother and father, neither of whom were always there for Eric as a kid, and Eric telling Rachel that he is falling in love with her, the hometown date was fairly uneventful.

Next up, Rachel heads down to Miami, Florida, to meet the family of Bryan Abasolo. On their first stop, Bryan takes Rachel to “real Miami,” or as he calls it, “worldwide.” They eat arepas, dance, and play dominoes. Rachel loves Miami and loves Bryan, there is no question about it.

Knowing that Bryan’s possessive mother is what drove away his last serious girlfriend, Rachel is nervous to meet her. Her fears appear compounded when almost immediately after meeting, Bryan’s mother begins to cry and talk about how her son is her true love.

Rachel and the mother go to have a chat. Bryan’s mom has only one goal during this conversation: tell Rachel that mothers are more important that girlfriends or wives, and don’t you forget it.

“Bryan is my life. But I just want to advise you, to give you a warning. You are married to family too,” the mother tells Rachel, who explains to the mother that she wants the same for Bryan and her family.

Nonetheless, the mother persists. “If he is happy, I’m happy. If not, I will kill you.” Rachel laughs it off but the mother doesn’t seem to be joking.

Still, after the date, there is no doubt that Bryan is Rachel’s clear favorite. Neither he, nor his family, can do any wrong at this point. But just to be sure, Bryan tells Rachel that he is falling in love with her.

In the least eventful hometown date, Rachel heads to Madison, Wisconsin to meet Peter Kraus and his family. First though, the couple goes to meet two of Peter’s closest friends, both of whom are black. They begin to talk about how open Peter is to people of other races and while one comment would have done it, it turns into an uncomfortable conversation that starts to feel like an ode to Jordan Peele‘s Get Out.

Rachel’s biggest concern about Peter is that he has been very open about not wanting to get married right away. She takes this opportunity to ask his mother about it and doesn’t get the answer she was looking for. While Peter’s mom did confirm that Peter is undoubtably ready for a serious commitment, he probably wont be ready to get down on one knee by the end of the ten-week process.

The Texas lawyer and the “business owner” have a brief conversation afterwards but in the wake of Bryan’s date, Peter’s hopes seem dashed. Unfortunately for him, he is completely unaware.

Finally, Rachel goes to Aspen, Colorado to meet young Dean Unglert and his complicated family. As was revealed in previous episodes, Dean’s mother died when he was 15-years-old and his father, who has since converted to Sikhism, has been remarried to a women Dean has only met a few times. He had to raise himself for the remainder of his childhood. His family hasn’t been together under the same roof in eight years and he hasn’t seen his father in two years.

Things feel strained, but loving, when the couple first walks into the house. Dean’s siblings have all showed up and his father welcomes them all into his home with open arms. Dean’s father offers his son and Rachel two feathers, which represent Dean’s mother. His father gets emotional while explaining the meaning and things appear to headed in the right direction.

Unfortunately, things go awry quickly after. Dean refuses to eat the vegetarian meal his father has cooked because he had apparently eaten before hand. Meanwhile, Rachel the adult eats her meal happily and graciously.

While Dean’s sister tells Rachel how strong her brother his, Dean sits down to have an honest conversation with his father. Neither of them appear to hear what the other is saying and the conversation ends with a “whatever.” Distraught Dean lays on the floor with his hands over his face as his dad paces outside.

Rachel approaches the father and asks if she can speak with him to which he replies, “If you must.”

Dean’s father starts to speak kindly of his son when he suddenly looks to the camera and decides this whole thing is not for him. He wishes her the best but explains that this is not the time or place for him to discuss his tumultuous family life.

After all this, Dean tells Rachel he is falling in love with her. It doesn’t appear to be great timing.

In the wake of the hometown visit, Rachel sends Dean home at the rose ceremony. Only Bryan, Eric, and Peter remain.

The Bachelorette continues next Monday at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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