The Bachelorette took off to Switzerland this week where Rachel Lindsay chose her final four men.


The episode doesn’t start off well, as Rachel has to actually tell the guys to stand up when she enters the room. She gives them a breakdown: there will be no rose ceremony this week. Instead, Rachel will break the guys up into four dates – three one-on-one, one three-on-one. So clearly her favorites will get the individual dates.

Unsurprisingly, Bryan gets the first date. She treats him to a fun shopping trip for him, where they both dress up, drive a fancy car, and go buy a him a nice watch. “This is a forever gift,” Bryan says excitedly after making out with Rachel at the counter. The pair then enjoy a boat ride with champagne, where they discuss the possibility of their future as a couple. Rachel explains that she’s glad she was able to tell Bryan her weaknesses and not have him run away.

Back at the mansion, Adam and Matt are feeling sorry for themselves, and Adam says he “wants to be the broom that sweeps her off her feet.” Matt must explain that that’s not how that phrase works. Meanwhile, Bryan and Rachel bond over the fact that they both went to private schools, but Bryan has to make it creepy by asking if she wore a uniform because, “I want to picture you in your uniform, your little schoolgirl outfit.”

Dean lands the second individual date, leaving Adam to ponder why it wasn’t him, of course not once thinking it could be because Rachel isn’t that interested. Still on their date, Bryan and Rachel switch topics to past relationships, and makes it seem like Bryan’s mother might be harder to win over than Rachel herself. Despite some rocky conversation, Rachel gives Bryan the first rose of the night.

Next up is Dean, whom Rachel takes to Catholic mass. When they finally get to speak to each other, Dean seems cagey about bringing Rachel home to his family and tries desperately to change the conversation. Dean’s immaturity really comes through here, as he asks if she believes in the tooth fairy and what her favorite dinosaur is in order to avoid the topic at hand.

Finally, Rachel forces him to discuss his family. “My family is not going to be the family that you want to see,” he managed. His mother passed away and his father couldn’t handle both parental roles. “He’s become quite a bit more eccentric,” he says of his father. Rachel assures Dean that she would love to meet whoever was partially responsible for making him into the man he is today. With that, she gives him the second rose, and they go on their way for some fun exploring before the next date.

Peter wins the third one-on-one date, finalizing Rachel’s top three. They explore the Swiss Alps on a helicopter for the day, and end up on a dog sled to a romantic picnic on a glacier. How Swiss. The evening is very romantic, and Peter exclaims that it’s the best date “he’ll ever be on.” Peter tells Rachel that he’s excited to introduce her to his family, but then somehow ends up crying about how he abandoned his ex one time. It goes downhill from there, but Rachel gives him the third rose anyway.

Now it’s time for the three-on-one group date. Rachel takes Matt, Adam, and Eric to France. Adam is already annoying everybody by explaining why he hates the word “difficult,” but also manages to use it seriously in a sentence. Rachel grabs Eric for a quick private chat. It goes well, but her second private chat with Matt, not so much. She cries when he tells her his hopes for their future, but they are clearly not happy tears. She breaks it to him that he reminds her the most of herself, and for that reason she must send him home. He goes quietly, but brings a bottle of booze to ease his pain.

Adam and Rachel then have a fairly awkward conversation, where he asks her if she can see herself falling in love with him, and she says, “Yeah, I mean, that’s why you’re still here.” She then calls back to a previous conversation in which Adam said part of him was falling for her, and she wants to know which part. He stammers a lot but his explanation is not smooth.

She grabs Eric for another chat, where he talks about his childhood in Baltimore, and how he never had a healthy relationship to look up to. Many in his family turned to drugs, with some ending up in prison or dead. He’s never brought a girl home before, which scares Rachel, but not too much to give the final rose to him.

The next episode will pit the remaining four guys – Bryan, Dean, Peter, and Eric – against each other, as Rachel takes trips to their various hometowns to meet their families.