The Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay went on a her first group date of the season in episode two this week, and said goodbye to DeMario in a dramatic turn of events.


Host Chris Harrison welcomes the men to the mansion and delivers a card with the men who will accompany Rachel on the group date. On it are Dean, Jack, Jonathan, Blake, Iggy, Kenny, Fred, and Lucas (aka “Whaboom”).

On the date, Rachel grills for her suitors and they all play a friendly game of football. Lucas proves he’s annoying again by lifting and spinning Rachel around, despite her having just told him to remember that she’s wearing a dress.

Later, the men get to meet fans Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, who half-joke about Rachel looking for a man with health insurance. All the men claim they have jobs, but a few of their bios beg to differ – Lucas describes his job as “Whaboom,” Jonathan as “Tickle Monster,” and Blake as an aspiring drummer.


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The celebs introduce the men to their first obstacle course, with the theme of being husband material. The guys will have to change a dirty diaper, wear a baby Bjorn, vacuum, remove hair from a drain, save a ring from the sing, set a dinner table, and run holding flowers. Kenny is confident because is the only man in the group with a child, and calls himself “super dad.” Kutcher makes it clear he doesn’t think Rachel’s man is in this group, but Kunis at least thinks that “someone’s definitely getting laid tonight.”

At the end of the course, Lucas stiff arms Kenny and runs ahead to win. Though he is called out as a cheater, nobody really wins anything from this game, so Lucas’ win doesn’t matter too much. The other guys seem more annoyed than threatened by this guy.

This all comes out in the evening, when Rachel meets with the guys individually. First up is Lucas, and while Rachel fends off his advances, Blake tells the rest of the group that he’s actually known Lucas for three years, and that he is only here for TV fame. Later, Blake pulls Rachel aside and explains what he already has to everyone else, and even points out that Lucas is wearing makeup for the cameras.

While Blake and Lucas argue, Rachel is off making her first real connection of the show, with Dean. He wins the date rose and, after walking Rachel to her car, he landed a sincere kiss.

The next day, Peter gets the first one-on-one date of the season. They spend the day with Rachel’s dog Copper and go to a fun-filled dog heaven called Barkfest. “If you touch him, that’s all he needs,” Rachel said of her pooch, to which Peter responded, “I feel like that’s most guys.” Despite this cheesy line, the two seem to hit it off, bonding over their gap teeth and the fact that they both sought out relationship therapists in the past. The evening ends with a romantic kiss during a fireworks show.

The next day brings the second group date of the episode, with Will, Jamey, Diggy, Alex, Adam, Lee, Matt, Eric, Josiah, and DeMario, who all play basketball with Rachel. DeMario mixes up some metaphors, while Josiah says Rachel’s “tights” (aka workout pants) “fit her body like a Coca-Cola bottle.” And DeMario further makes a fool of himself after dunking over Rachel and comparing himself to Michael JordanTom Brady, and Derek Jeter.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar talks to the guys and tries to explain a connection between the sport and romance. After an embarrassing game, DeMario’s team loses, despite his overconfidence in his athletic prowess. And then he loses even more when a girl claiming to be his girlfriend Lexi shows up. She says she was dating DeMario for seven months before he just stopped talking to her. She claims he never broke up with her.

When confronted, DeMario denies the claim, and says he definitely broke up with Lexi because she was “crazy” – what every woman wants to hear a man say. But when pushed for details, he couldn’t remember actually doing it. Lexi says that DeMario never even returned her apartment keys.

“I’m really gonna need you to get the f–k out,” Rachel tells DeMario after Lexi proves her story with some old text messages. She tells the rest of the guys before their evening dates that if anyone isn’t being real with her, then they can just leave now too.

Josiah lands the first kiss of the night, and Rachel seems pleased. All the other guys try their luck to get the date rose, but Rachel hands it off to Josiah. He, Dean, and Peter are all now safe going into the cocktail party.

The end of the episode sees DeMario at the front gate wanting to explain himself to Rachel, who reluctantly agrees to hear him out. “I’m very curious as to what he could possibly say to me,” she says. And as she heads to the front gate, the rest of the men decide to accompany her, and head out just behind. “Im’a whoop DeMario’s a-s,” says one suitor.

The potential brawl will continue next week on The Bachelorette, Mondays on ABC.

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