The Bachelorette‘s 11th season kicked off Monday night with two potential stars – Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson – meeting the 25 men tasked with choosing which woman will be the next Bachelorette.

The Bachelorette Recap

Chris Harrison opened The Bachelorette premiere with a brief explanation of the twist before short montages of Kaitlyn and Britt’s time fighting for Chris Soules’ affection played. Neither Kaitlyn nor Britt’s package was particularly flattering, but it’s no matter as their both on their way to the Bachelorette mansion in their respective limos. Once they take their places outside, the men start pulling up to introduce themselves.

Who are the men?

Ben H., 26, is a software salesman from Denver. Jonathan, 33, works in the Automotive industry in Detroit and has a five-year-old son. Clint, 27, works as an architectural engineer and lives Chicago. Ryan B., 32, works as a realtor. Jared, 26, resides in Rhode Island where he works as a restaurant manager. Kupah, 32, hails from Boston and is a self-described entrepreneur. Brady, 33, is a singer-songwriter living in Nashville.

Cory, 35, is a residential developer from Texas. Ian, 28, was a college athlete and now works as an executive recruiter in LA. J.J., 32, is a “former investment banker.” Ryan, 27, a junkyard specialist, introduced himself with a “Honies, I’m home!” Bradley, 25, is an auto shipper. Daniel, 28, works in fashion but introduces himself through dance. Josh, 27, recently graduated law school in Chicago and is paying the bills as an exotic dancer.

Joe, 28, is a “southern gentleman from Kentucky who is an insurance agent. Justin, 28, is a fitness trainer. Tanner, 28, works as a auto finance manager. Shawn B., 28, is a personal trainer. David, 26, is a real estate agent. Corey, 30, is an investment banker living in NYC. Tony, 35, is a “healer” from St. Louis.  Shawn E., 31, is an “amateur sex coach” who arrived in a hot tub. Chris, 28, is a dentist. Joshua, 31, is an industrial welder from a small town in Indiana. Ben Z., 26, works as a personal trailer in San Jose.

After the introductions, in which Kaitlyn and Britt couldn’t help but shoot contemptible side-eyes, it’s time for them to try to get to know the men. Kaitlyn kicks things off with a knock-knock joke, which irritates Britt, who tells the room she’s just really looking for a best friend.

After some chit-chat, Chris Harrison announces that voting is now open for the men to choose either Kaitlyn or Britt as the Bachelorette. Without waisting any time, healer Tony climbs up the steps and drops a rose in Britt’s box, saying that the energy was “pulsating.” Meanwhile, the other men are deciding if they should choose the one they like the most, or the one that seems to like them the most.

When the women start to pair off for some one-on-one time with the guys, they each have encounters with men who say they’re picking them, as well as some truly awkward interactions. Ryan M. spent more time with his tumbler and ended up groping Kaitlyn and stripping down to his boxer briefs for a dip in the pool. His antics were so over the top, that Chris Harrison kicked him out.

After ridding the house of drunken Ryan, Chris announced that all the votes were in – but the final tally won’t be revealed until The Bachelorette returns Tuesday night on ABC at 8/7c.

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