On The Bachelorette Monday night Kaitlyn Bristowe, who was voted into her coveted position by the men now vying for her affections, kicked things off with a group boxing date.

The Bachelorette Recap

Daniel, Justin, Jared, Corey, Tanner, Ben Z., Kupah, and Ben H. were all invited on the group date to a warehouse to learn some boxing skills from Laila Ali. After a good deal of practice, Laila announced that the men would compete in a single-elimination boxing tournament. Ben Z. was the one to beat in the ring, and after eliminating Kupah – who had spent all his time training instead of chatting up Kaitlyn – it was just Jared that stood in his way. Though Jared put up a good fight, Ben Z. ended up giving him such a beating that Jared had to get checked out at the hospital.

At the cocktail party later on, Kaitlyn stole away victor Ben Z. for some one-on-one time. After hearing about how Ben Z. tragically lost his mother as a teenager, Kaitlyn spent some time with Daniel before receiving a note. When she got outside the hotel, she realized it was Jared. Though he couldn’t join the fun because of a concussion, he wanted to take her on a quick walk. While Jared got a kiss that Kaitlyn described as being like “fireworks,” it was Ben Z. who received the date rose.

For this week’s one-on-one date, Kaitlyn chose Clint, who famously gave Kaitlyn a sketching of Chris Harrison riding a triceratops on the first night. Kaitlyn decided for their one-on-one date that they would do an underwater photoshoot. After some breathing exercises with the photographer, the two jumped into water and started posing. Several shots into the shoot, the two started to get more comfortable together and eventually shared their first kiss during one of their times underwater.

J.J., Jonathan, Joshua, Chris, Ian, Joe and Tony were all asked out on Monday’s second group date, which sent them to the Improv Comedy Club for some stand-up lessons with Amy Schumer. Of all of the guys, J.J. had the most confidence, which Amy had no problem telling him was misplaced. Tony had the worst reception on stage, as he monologued about the experience instead of cracking any jokes. Despite his nerves, dentist Chris charmed the audience. Afterwards, Kaitlyn warmed to J.J. after learning about his daughter and ended up giving him the date rose.

At the cocktail party before the rose ceremony, J.J. made a power play to steal Kaitlyn away before the guys who had yet to get a rose could get a chance to speak with her, irking all of them in the process. While the guys talked about J.J., Ian took his chance to get some time alone with Kaitlyn, who seems to like him. Tony, meanwhile, was on the verge of a breakdown because of J.J.’s general attitude and antics.

After telling cameras that he was worried about filling the show’s minority quota, Kupah confronted Kaitlyn about what he perceived as her lack of interest in him. In response, Kaitlyn said that she felt a connection to him at the start, and had noticed that he didn’t come up to her during the boxing date. “To be honest, I kind of felt a connection until right now,” she told him, piqued at his confrontational attitude. Overhearing Kupah complaining to the guys about their conversation right after, Kaitlyn pulled him away to send him home.

The Bachelorette ended with Kaitlyn getting distracted while talking to the cameras about how the cocktail party was going when she heard Kupah making a scene during his exit interview. Angered and worried about what he was about to do, Kaitlyn rushed outside to find him. Before she gets to him – and before the Rose Ceremony – the episode ended. To be continued…

In other The Bachelorette news, Britt Nillson, who had received less votes than Kaitlyn, is dating Brady Toops, who’d left last week’s Rose Ceremony to go after her.

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