Bachelor in Paradise season 4 premiered Monday night and began with host Chris Harrison welcoming us to Mexico.


We skipped over all the drama between Corinne and DeMarco that halted production early on, but we met with all the contestants for the season. Dean is the first guy there, followed by Danielle, Raven, Ben Z., Iggy, Jasmine, Jack, and Alexis. DeMarion steps in next, and the first thing Raven asks is, “Are you single?”, a throwback to his Bachelorette season with Rachel Lindsay. Next to enter are Derek, Alex, and Corinne, followed by Kristina, Lacey, Vinny, Diggy, Matt, Nick, Amanda, and Taylor.

As the people file in and meet each other, there are some instant connections, like between Taylor and Derek, and a Corinne and DeMario. Alexis, meanwhile, tells the camera that she’s not into anyone because her “vagina’s not dancing.”

Harrison gathers everyone up so that Jorge can announce that he is leaving the show to pursue his dreams of opening a company called Jorge’s Tour-ges. Wells is brought in as his replacement. The host also tells the group that the ladies will be handing out the roses in week one. Kristina won the first date of the season, and she immediately handed her rose to Dean. Others clicking are Wells and Danielle, and Lacey and Iggy.


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Because Nick got too drunk, Jasmine switches her focus to Matt. Robby shows up to replace Lacey because her grandfather passed away. Robby is given a date card, and he asks Raven out, despite Ben Z.’s anger. Raven and Robby go jet skiing, and Robby clearly thinks he was amazing on the date, regardless of how Raven feels.

Next date card goes to Matt, who asks Jasmine out on a date. They go to a drag show where Matt transforms into Virginia and Jasmine is surprisingly into it. Back at the house, it’s almost time for the rose ceremony. Raven declares that Ben is a great kisser and chooses him over Robby. Taylor and Derek are also making out, and then Danielle is oddly very into Jack. But then the drama with Corinne and DeMario ensues, so the cameramen are ordered to turn their machines off.

We’ll have to wait for tomorrow’s episode for the rest of the rose ceremony results.

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