Bachelor in Paradise has come to an end after the shortest season in it’s four year history.


The last episode gave each couple the option to leave Mexico separately, together, or have one last all-expenses paid date, complete with a fantasy suite. Lacey and Daniel are up first, who are a perfect match because neither is the sharpest tool in the shed. “I’m not done with you yet,” is Daniel’s response to Lacey suggesting they spend one last night together. “Come to your king.”

Jack and Christen have a major miscommunication that ends up with both of them leaving alone. Jack says he wants to leave together “hand in hand,” and for some reason Christen reads that as he wants to marry her. She freaks out about the decision, all while Jack is just confused. “Every conversation we’ve had has been so swirly,” she says, but not to Jack. “Up until this point, we’ve talked about the weather.” So instead of talking in depth about it, Jack and Christen go their separate ways.

Jasmine and Jonathan peacefully agree to part ways, while Raven and Adam decide to try out the fantasy sweet. Dean rocks the boat with D. Lo, and tells her that he’s in love with Kristina, who had already left. D. Lo had just mentioned her hopes of the fantasy suite with him, but it seems that is off the table for Dean. “I literally hate myself right now,” he says in his interview. Both Diggy and Dom, and Dom and Jaimi part ways. Robby wants to see if he can make things work with Amanda outside of the show, but Amanda is just not having it, so they leave separately as well.


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So at the end of the show, only Lacey and Daniel, Taylor and Derek, and Raven and Adam are left together as couples. Lacey and Daniel agree to take their relationship to the Facebook-official status once they leave Mexico. Taylor tells Derek she is falling for him, but she has to know if they have chemistry in bed, and Derek is more than willing to sign up for that experiment. We end in Mexico with Raven and Adam wondering if they too should test out their love-making chemistry, before cutting to the live audience finale with host Chris Harrison.

Harrison brings out DeMario and Corinne together, and then talks about how Christen and Jasmine don’t get along, and a few other less-than-interesting things before getting to the good stuff. He brings out Dean and Kristina to rehash what happened between them, and we find out that after Dean claimed to love Kristina, he called Danielle an hour after leaving the show. And it doesn’t stop there – he and D. Lo did try their luck at a relationship following the show. It’s safe to say his chances with Kristina are completely nil.

Amanda and Robby are also through with their relationship, as it turns out that Robby just lied to get Amanda to be with him. Same appears to be true with Lacey and Daniel. They even play audio of a conversation Daniel had with a producer after his night in the fantasy suite with Lacey. “Lacey might like me a little bit more than I like her,” he said, and also, “I could never change my Facebook status to ‘in a relationship’ with Lacey.”

But better yet, we have a couple couples who are still together after all this. Raven and Adam have spent time traveling together, and Raven is even getting ready to meet Adam’s family. Adam apparently meets Raven’s family during the show’s commercial breaks. Lastly, Taylor and Derek are still going strong, and Derek shows his love by proposing to her live on the show! She cries and says “yes” (how could she not). The show ends on that happy note and leaves us prepped and ready for The Bachelor season 22 with Arie Luyendyk Jr., set to premiere in January 2018.

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