Bachelor in Paradise kicked off the current season with the wedding of last season’s winners Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul.

Bachelor in Paradise Recap

After the nuptials, which had the couple’s close friends and family as well as the current cast of Bachelor in Paradise as guests and Chris Harrison as the officiator, the group of ex-Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants started getting to know each other. Ashley I. and her sister Lauren, Jared, Ashley S., Tanner, Jade, Jillian, Dan, Juelia, Tenley, Carly, Jonathan, Mikey T., Kirk, and lastly, JJ, are in the first group in paradise.

It’s clear from the get-go that Lauren is not nearly as optimistic as her sister Ashley I. about finding love on Bachelor in Paradise. However, she is like her in that she’s a crier. While she sobs away, Mikey, who had a crush on Lauren instantly, tries to sooth her, but she only wants her sister. Lauren then complains to Ashley I. about how everyone is too old and that she doesn’t like most people anyway.

After putting her little sister to bed, Ashley I. goes to sit down next to Jared at the fire pit. Believing that he’s the Aladdin to her Jasmine, she wants to start a conversation but finds herself completely mute. She leaves to take a cry break and to bemoan her lack of conversational skills before returning to Jared’s side to talk about her Jasmine bikini. Jared graciously says that she kind of resembles Jasmine, which puts Ashley I.’s Disney fantasies with Jared into overdrive.


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Unfortunately for Ashley I., when Jade comes by, Jared asks her to take a walk with him along the beach. Ashley climbs into the nearby beach bed and watches on, hoping that they don’t start making out. Thankfully for Ashley I., they don’t, and she is awarded the first date card the following morning. After practicing her proposal with her sister, she musters up the courage to ask Jared out on the date. Although he looks less than enthusiastic, he amiably agrees to go with her on the dune buggy ride.

Back at the house, Kirk and Carly, who coupled up on the first night, remain together, and Dan and Ashley S. – who is now talking to parrots – have become a thing. Jade then finds out that she has the next date card. She had wanted to take Jared, but with him just coming back from an outing with Ashley I., she decides to pick Tanner, who couldn’t be happier with her choice.

Jade and Tanner’s first date includes a romantic dinner in a secluded area near a lake. Tanner gets Jade’s Playboy magazine photo shoot out of the way, telling her that is doesn’t matter to him. They end up stripping for a swim and some kissing in the river before heading back to the house, where Ashley S. is being taken away on an ambulance for dehydration.

In the final moments of Bachelor in Paradise, Chris Harrison welcomes the first late addition to the show – Clare. Though she had a dramatic turn on the show last season, she’s back and ready to try for love once again. She’s already got her sights set on Tanner, Kirk and Jared.

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