Bachelor in Paradise returned Monday night with Clare‘s grand entrance, which received a mixed reaction for the already settled group.

Bachelor in Paradise Recap

Upon sitting down with the women, Clare is quickly informed by them that a lot of people in Paradise have already coupled up. She’s not happy to learn that the only two men not considered off limits at this point are Mikey and J.J. Although Clare isn’t terribly interested in Mikey, his attention wins her over and she picks him for her date card. After some uncomfortably intimate couple yoga, Clare levels with Mikey that while she would like to get to know him better, she plans on keeping her options open.

The following date card goes to Ashley S., who, without even thinking, picks Dan. It’s more or less the second date for the two, who had taken a trip to the hospital together the night before when Ashley S. was suffering from dehydration. Ashley S. really appreciated his company, and Dan agreed that they had some easy chemistry. After dinner, the two dance to some mariachi music.

Back at the house, Tenley is fretting about whether or not she’ll be able to stick around. Now, even Jonathan and Juelia have coupled up and it looks like J.J. will be giving Jillian a rose. In one of her last ditch efforts to make a connection with someone, she rushes onto the beach to interrupt Jared‘s solo stroll. Spotting this, Ashley I. starts to cry about how she’s going to die alone. When she confronts Jared later on, he admitted to her that he couldn’t promise her the rose later.

After Jillian tries to secure a rose from JJ, Tenley swoops in to make a move of her own, knowing that he’s one of her only options. In a particularly bold move, Tenley tells JJ that he has permission to kiss her – a challenge he gamely accepts. Meanwhile, Ashley I. once again seeks some reassures from Jared, who tries to sooth some of her insecurities. Ashely I. feels great for about five minutes afterwards until she hears Jared tell Clare that if she’s still available when it’s time for him to hand out a rose, his is going to her.

Rose Ceremony

Tanner picks JadeKirk picks Carley. Dan picks Ashley S. Jonathan picks Juelia. Mikey picks Claire, which leads Jared to pick Ashely I. and means her sister Lauren sticks around too. And, lastly, JJ picks Tenley, meaning it’s Jillian’s time to go home.

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