As the “Dramatic Episode” of Bachelor In Paradise begins, the cast is talking about the Vinny and Izzy situation. Vinny is devastated and blind sighted that Izzy wants to explore things with Brett and he’s determined to get to the bottom of what’s going on. He talks to her about how he’s feeling and is confused since they seemed to share the same feelings. Izzy tells Vinny that they were on the same page until Brett walked in. She apologizes for hurting him but Vinny is rightfully angry and feels like his time was wasted. He tells her that he’s decided to go home. Izzy cries and begs him to stay, maybe not realizing that she caused this.

Everyone is reeling from Vinny leaving. They are all questioning their own relationships because Vinny and Izzy seemed like one of the strongest couples.

Jade and Tanner arrive at just the right time to prove that Bachelor in Paradise can lead to happily ever after. They brought a special date card for one of the couples so they are going to talk to each one and decide which is most deserving.

Carly feels like she needs this date with Evan so she can be sure how she feels.
Grant feels that he and Lace are one of the strongest couples even though they haven’t had a couples date yet. He tells Jade and Tanner that he told Lace he loves her and Lace tells them she hasn’t said it yet. Jade and Tanner are a bit skeptical and feel that Grant is more invested than Lace.
Grant seems to feel that he is more invested as well after talking to the newlyweds and voices his concerns to Lace who doesn’t respond in an encouraging way. She says in the confessional that she needs to reevaluate her relationship.


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Josh and Amanda meet with Jade and Tanner next. Tanner thinks that Josh is coming on a bit too strong.

Nick and Jen are last to be “interviewed” for the date card. Jen doesn’t say much but Nick talks about how he’s feeling after being so close on the bachelorette before but says he is open to whatever happens.

Ashley, meanwhile, just hopes that Jared and Caila don’t get the date.
Obviously, Jared and Caila are as cute as always and both Jade and Tanner think so.

Ashley tells Jade and Tanne that her biggest hope is that she leaves with Jared and her biggest fear is that Jared and Caila leave together. She also says that Jared is more into Caila in hopes that it will keep them from getting the date as a way to protect Jared since he and Tanner are so close.
Sadly for Ash, it doesn’t work. But not to fear, she has a few other plans of sabotage up her sleeve.
Jen talks to Nick about how their relationship is progressing, or rather not progressing. She’s up front about her concerns that he has a wall up because of his past relationships and he admits he does somewhat. They end up having a good conversation and Jen feels a bit better but realizes her feelings are very real.

Jared and Caila’s date is in the same location as one of Jade and Tanner’s romantic dates last season. The first thing they talk about is Ashley. Caila wants Jared to stop going along with her antics and to understand that she’ll get over her feelings for him. He agrees and it makes Caila feel a lot better. They celebrate with a sexy makeout session in the water.

Ashley is going crazy back at the resort.

Carly and Evan are still struggling to find their spark.

Luckily, Evan gets the date card and of course asks Carly.

Their date is to a sort of sweat lodge where they can expel any negative energy. They both tell each other what they like about the other and have a pretty deep conversation. It seems that Carly is over the hump and knows for sure that she’s truly into him.

Ashley puts her plan into action and tells Jared that it’s obvious that he’s more into Caila than vice versa. Somehow, Jared doesn’t see that she’s doing this completely out of jealousy and allows Ashley to get into his head.

He immediately goes to Caila and confronts her, accusing her of what Ashley said. Caila cuts to the chase and tells Jared that Ashley is in love with him and the only way to end this is to talk to her herself.

On the beach, Caila calls Ashley out about what she said and explains that this is all new but Ashley needs to stay out of it while they do. Ashley doesn’t have very much to say but it seems to be enough for Caila to question if it’s worth it. We’ll see next week.

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