Bachelor in Paradise, the latest show from the Bachelor franchise that reunites the still-single and jilted contestants of previous Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons, premiered Monday night and introduced the lineup.

Bachelor In Paradise Recap

From Desiree Hartsock’s season of The Bachelorette are Ben Scott and Robert Graham. Andi Dorfman’s former suitors on the show are Dylan Petit, Marcus Grodd and Marquel Martin. Graham Bunn from Deanna’s The Bachelorette season is participating as well. Juan Pablo Galavis’s exes on Bachelor in Paradise include Clare Crawley, Elise Mosca and Lacy Faddoul. Girls from Sean Lowe’s season include AshLee Frazier, Daniella McBride and Sarah Herron. Michelle Kujawa from Jake Pavelka’s Season 14 season is also on Bachelor in Paradise, as is Michelle Money from Brad Womack’s season.

After host Chris Harrison introduces everyone to each other, he tells them what’s expected of them on Bachelor in Paradise. Since it is a dating show after all, they are expected to couple-up and there will be date cards and “Bachelor-style” dates.

Lacy Pursues Robert & Marcus

Lacy wastes no time in proving she’s serious about following the guidelines of the program and brings Robert out into the ocean with her. Marcus, however, is going to have to get over Andi before he can hop into an ocean – or a new romance – with one of the women on the show. When Lacy makes a move for Marcus too, Robert steps in and marks his territory, telling her, “I’m into you.”

Later, sitting on the beach with Clare, Marcus happily watches Dylan and Elise’s champagne date further down on the beach. Not long after indulging in the sparkling wine, the two start making out.

The following day, AshLee finds Graham and tells him that the reason why she decided to do Bachelor in Paradise was because of him. No, she’s never met him before. She only “knows” him through following his various social media accounts. Through that limited knowledge of him, she declares to the camera, “Graham and I are just meant to be.” Unfortunately for AshLee, Clare beats her to giving Graham a date card.

AshLee becomes somewhat unhinged at the prospect of Clare taking Graham on the date. Clare, determined not to stir up too much drama so early on and heeding other contestants advice not to enrage AshLee, tries to come up with a solution to the problem. First, she tries to hand over her date card to AshLee. When that plan fails, she decides to pick another guy for the date and ends up giving her card to Robert.

For their date, Clare and Robert check out some Mayan ruins. Unfortunately for Robert, while there, he becomes covered in fire aunts. Though Clare had confessed she only really saw Robert as a friend, she begins to warm to the idea of something more happening between them. Sara gets the next date card and gives it to Marcus. Their date includes stripping down to their bathing suits and jumping into an underground grotto of water. After the “leap of faith” for love, Sarah gets a kiss from Marcus.

Michelle Money Arrives, Rose Ceremony

Michelle Money, as episode one’s late arrival, immediately approaches Graham (who she fell for during Bachelor Pad) and tells him, “I need to talk to you.” Though the two share a quick chat and their handshake, Michelle M. gives her date card to Marquel and they go horseback riding on the beach. Their date is followed up by Lacy and Robert, who share dinner together.

Following the cocktail hour in which Michelle K. took an early exit, the Rose Ceremony commences. Marquel gives his rose to Michelle M. and Graham gives his to AshLee. Dylan gives his to Elise. Marcus gives his to Lacy, leading Robert to give his to Clare. Ben Scott chooses to keep Sarah around, meaning Daniella is the first to be sent off Bachelor in Paradise.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays on ABC at 8/7c.

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