The Bachelor left us right after Arie Luyendyk broke things off with his first choice, Becca, to go after the runner-up, Lauren.


“I choose you today, but I choose you every day from here on out,” were the words he chose when he proposed to Becca and clearly didn’t consider all the possibilities. He ends things and tells her that he can’t stop thinking about Lauren and has to go win her back.

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There’s a quick scene where Arie meets Jason, a previous Bachelor who has been through a very similar change of events. He warns Arie that once he proposes to Lauren (and after breaking up with Becca on TV), that people will hate him and even jeer at him in the street like they did to him. “Don’t do this unless you’re 100% certain.”

The next scene shows that Arie is indeed 100% certain of his decision. He strolls into Virginia Beach and knocks on Lauren’s family’s front door. Lauren obviously already knew about the breakup with Becca and nearly jumped into Arie’s arms when she opened the door. He asks her for a second chance, but Lauren gives him a hard time first and explains how difficult things were after he dumped her. But Arie promises that he’s “1,000%” over Becca already and Lauren accepts.

Back at the Tealight Candle Thunderdome, Bekah, Seinne, Tia, Caroline and Kendall are all trash talking Arie. For the most part, they want all the anger directed at Arie, not Lauren. Bekah even adds, “I hope that Lauren gets out of that as soon as possible!”

Becca then makes her return to the stage and tells the audience that she’s “hanging in there.” But she very smartly says, she “signed up for this.” One pleasant surprise, however, is the nearly $6,000 that fans have sent her on Venmo so she can drink her pain away. Instead, Becca says she will donate all the money to Stand Up 2 Cancer, and host Chris Harrison says The Bachelor will match her contribution.

Next, Arie joined Becca and was met with so much wrath and disdain. She asks when he knew it was over, and no answer Arie could give would make it better. She chews him out and Arie has no excuses. Becca makes very diplomatic statements like:  “I’m always going to have love in my heart for you. But I’ve moved on. I’m ready for the next chapter in my life, and to find somebody better suited for me.”

Becca then leaves and Lauren heads out to the stage where Arie, of course, drops to one knee. “I’ve made some bad decisions, but the best decision was running back to you,” he says. “I truly believe you are my soul mate.”

With that storyline ending, we get the official word that Becca will be the new Bachelorette. The show even brings out some of her handsome suitors who tell her that Arie wasn’t good enough for her, and that they would be better. And thus ends the journey of The Bachelor season 22 – here’s to Becca and The Bachelorette.

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