Season 24 Bachelor contestant Madison Prewett has been spotted wearing an engagement ring in a recent Twitter post. Fans of the show theorize the image as proof that Prewett will win the season.

Bachelor of season 24, Peter Weber, has narrowed down to his final four women. Prewett is still in the running along with Hannah Ann Sluss, Kelsey Weier and Victoria Fuller. 


In the last episode aired, Prewett gives Weber an ultimatum after revealing her celibate preferences in a partner. “Next week is Fantasy Suite week and I don’t think Peter knows how much I’m struggling. I’m not willing to compromise who I am for this, so he needs to know exactly where my head’s at,” Prewett stated.

Upcoming previews of the show heavily indicate that Weber ends up having sex with someone else.

“I don’t want this just to feel like it’s all about sex, but six days prior, I was intimate with someone else,” Weber says.

Fans now predict that Prewett will forgive Weber and become the winner based on the photo evidence found on @RealitySteve’s Twitter account.

In a blog post, Reality Steve debunks the engagement theory stating, “Even IF Madison is the final one, that final person does not get to keep/wear their ring while the show is airing. Wouldn’t that kinda be a giveaway of how the season ends if one of the leads women is walking around with an engagement ring on while the show is still airing?”

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