Aziz Ansari and Jimmy Fallon read text messages interchanged between women and men in a romantic setting for a new Tonight Show bit, “First Textual Experience.” These text messages, which were sent in by viewers of the show, are incredibly awkward, cringe-worthy and super corny— and it’s hilarious to watch Ansari and Fallon read them.


The bit was inspired by Ansari’s book, “Modern Romance: An Investigation — an exploration of dating in the digital age. “Modern Romance,” which came out on June 16, delves into texting in the modern age, and the ones men need to stop sending. Ansari believes that men should be more specific when texting, instead of the usual vague messages.

“Saying ‘Hey.’ ‘What are you doing?’ ‘What’s going on tonight?’ If you’re a guy, and you’re sending it to some person you met at a bar… it seems totally harmless; it seems nice, right?” Ansari said in an interview with “But, when you interview hundreds of women, and you see it from their end, women most respond to just the basic thing of inviting someone to a specific thing at a specific time. Which seems very common sense, but so few guys do it,” he added.

A lot of the text messages he read on The Tonight Show are the ones he said men should avoiding sending. “We had all these women and men show us their real exchanges [for the book] and it was really surprising the kind of bozo text a lot of dudes send,” he told Fallon. “It seems like a very simple thing to say, ‘Hey would you like to do this specific thing at this specific time, you were nice.’ But most dudes are writing very weird things, or just saying ‘Hey.'”

“I wanted to say hi and sort of ‘texty’ introduce myself,” said a phrase from a text message Ansari read alongside lit candles and roses. As bad as “texty introduce,” was, it did not compare to the other awkward messages he and Fallon read.

Fallon couldn’t even keep a straight face as he read a message from a man named Ron, “My friend gave me this number. Said a smart, pretty girl needed to be taken out to dinner? Where are you wanting to go?”

Ansari and Fallon finished off the bit by reading back-and-forth text messages, that are just as awful—or even more—as the rest of them. “I had such a blast tonight! Hope I didn’t talk too much,” read Fallon. “It was a horror to meet you!” Ansari said laughing.

Find out how that text interchange ended in the video below:

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