Azealia Banks has been facing some backlash from the LGBT community after she compared gay men to the KKK in a tweet.


Azealia Banks posted on her Twitter page responding to a video that was posted last week where the rapper called a male flight attendant a gay slur. In the deleted tweet, she wrote: “LGBT community (GGGG) are like the gay white KKK’s. Get them some pink hoods and unicorns and let them rally down rodeo drive.”

Even though she took the tweet down, Banks continued her hate for the gay community tweeting, “Because it’s not really LGBT. It’s fucking GGGG and I’m sick of gay white men having control of the LGBT conversation.”

She also went on to say that the whole gay community was weak. “All I had to do was say one word and I moved a whole community,” she said. “What weaklings!!!”

Banks was also under fire for her use of homophobic slurs. One incident involved an argument with blogger Perez Hilton, who accused Banks of being homophobic in 2013.  “A lot of gay men are way more misogynistic than straight men,” she told the Guardian in 2014. “The (expletive) they say about women behind their backs, it’s like: ‘Wow, oh my God!’ … A f***** is anybody that hates women. It’s like, y’all sing along to my words when I’m saying [expletives leveled at black people and women], but as soon as I call this one white man a f***** the whole world exploded.”

The rap star was a friend to the LGBT community before starting this Twitter war. She identified herself as a bisexual and has a dedicated gay fan-base.

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