On Thursday, Azealia Banks divulged that she isn’t merely a musician, she’s practicing witchcraft, and she spent three years sacrificing chickens as part of her hobby.

Azealia Banks Spent Years Sacrificing Chickens

Banks is no stranger to questionable conduct over social media, but her latest anecdote – a 44-second video uploaded through her Instagram account – revealed her current home care project: cleaning her closet.

Banks’ clip shows her talking to her audience, exclaiming, “The amount of crap that’s about to come off my floor right now, guys, oh my God.” Banks continues, affirming that she needs to “scrape all this shit up.”

Because of her improper treatment of poultry, Banks’ cupboard is layered with blood and feathers. Banks’ monologue incorporates the word “brujeria,” which is a Spanish term for witchcraft. “Real witches do real things,” she adds.

The rapper was donning safety glasses and a mask, and the passage, which as of this writing is still online, closes with her sandblasting.

Banks was trending on Twitter, primarily due to people’s negative reactions.

Some of the more prolific responses are chronicled below:

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