Richard Lugner, an 81-year-old Austrian billionaire, has married German Playboy model Cathy Schmitz, 24.

Richard Lugner Marries Cathy Schmitz

Lugner wed Schmitz, 57 years his junior, in Vienna on Saturday. Schmitz arrived for the ceremony in a lavish white wedding dress and veil and added a purple tulle accent for the reception thereafter. Lugner, coordinating with his new wife, wore a tuxedo with pinstriped pants and black coattails. He accessorized with a gray hat to match his vest and a purple pocket square and tie.

Upon exiting the wedding ceremony, Lugner, who has been married four times in the past, said, “Hopefully, this time it's the right thing,” according to the Daily Mail.

In grand fashion, after exchanging vows at the Schonbrunn Palace, the newlyweds took to the streets of Vienna with their friends and family and others who came out in support of their union. White pigeons were released into the air and the couple was taken away by a horse-drawn carriage.

The octogenarian, who infamously complained of Kim Kardashian’s poor form as his special guest at the Vienna Opera Ball in February, claimed earlier this year that he and Schmitz had not intended to fall for one another and that their age difference was of little or no importance.

"We did not intend to fall in love,” he told the German media earlier this year, reported E! News. “It just happened. Love knows no age."

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