After a very unapologetic apology video was released by Johnny Depp and his wife Amber Heard after they were caught smuggling their dogs into Australia, a pair of siblings decided to parody the video.


Sam, 11, and Annie, 6, parodied the apology video with the help of their father Sasha. “Like most people who saw Depp and Heard’s apology, I found it utterly hilarious in its insincerity,” Sasha told “The apology seemed more like a parody so I thought I’d try and out-parody it.”

The family decided to replace the crime of dog smuggling with drawing on the walls of their home.

“Mum and Dad are unique. Both warm and direct. When you disrespect their rules they will tell you firmly,” Sam says in the video, while executing the bored and almost annoyed look on Depp’s face during the video.

“This is a wonderful house with a treasure trove of unique walls, floors and cupboards,” Annie says in the video, all while dressed in black, not unlike Heard’s attire last week.

“Protecting the bond is important,” Annie adds.

Sasha also added that his children would fit their roles perfectly considering Annie was into the idea and Sam hated it.

The video ended with the 6-year-old reminding children everywhere never to draw on walls.

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