Dennis Widmyer‘s cinematic remake of the classic Stephen King novel, Pet Sematary, premiered to rave reviews at the South by Southwest film festival.

Pet Semetary is often regarded as one of King’s darkest novels, but it’s previous film outings proved to be lacking despite its cult following.

Widmyer had the difficult task of not only adapting a King novel, which has been difficult in the past but making a film that could appeal to the die-hard fans while still being his own movie.

While the film makes some big departures from the original source material, it captures the essence of the novel and takes it into a bold new direction. Even King himself gave the film his blessing.

“He saw we kept the essence of the novel, the things we were changing we weren’t fundamentally changing from the source material … it was validating to hear he was a fan of the film,” said Widmyer in a statement.


Widmyer jokingly asked the SXSW audience who just watched the premiere of his film, “Did we make the feel-good movie of 2019?”

With the great fan support and a 90% approval rating on the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, Widmyer may have just made the movie of 2019.

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