Alex Murdaugh, a powerful attorney in South Carolina, has become the chief suspect in the murder case of his wife and son Margaret and Paul Murdaugh after he was indicted by a grand jury in Colleton County Thursday.

Murdaugh is well-known in the local community and comes from a long line of elected prosecutors in the area. Some locals suspected the power Murdaugh wielded with his position and high-powered law firm allowed him to allude suspicion of different crimes for years.

He was charged with two counts of murder and two counts of possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime. Murdaugh still denies the charges. He is also suspected of a bevy of financial crimes he allegedly carried out both before and after the shootings.

Paul and Margaret were fatally shot at the family’s hunting lodge in the community of Islandton. Murdaugh called police that evening, saying he had been visiting his own parents that night and found the bodies later.

Evidence that may be used against Alex includes the fact that potential blood splatter was found on his shirt, and an audio recording featuring Margaret and Alex talking found on Paul’s phone near the time of their deaths.

The investigation into these killings has also unearthed several instances of financial crime, and even other potential murders in which Murdaugh would be a suspect. His housekeeper, Gloria Satterfield, died in 2018 in what he described as a “trip and fall,” but he is now being accused by prosecutors of manipulating her insurance settlement and organizing a $3 million payout for himself. He was also fired from his family’s law firm, which said that he may have stolen millions of dollars of company money.

In the wake of Paul and Maggie’s deaths, Alex also attended rehab for opioid addiction and even unsuccessfully attempted to have himself shot in the head so his surviving son would collect a $10 million insurance payout.

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