“Undergound” Atlanta rapper 6 Dogs has died at the age of 21 due to an apparent suicide. The rapper, who is known for songs such as “Faygo Dreams” and “Guccy Armor,” battled COVID-19 just months ago.

Over his short career, 6 Dogs, whose real name is Chase Amick, garnered over 171k Instagram followers and 37k Twitter followers. He frequently used his social media to update his fans on the progress of his music, as well as sharing his battles with COVID-19 and mental health.

After trying to keep his singing career private from his devout Christian family, Amick moved out of his family’s home at the age of 18 to pursue his music career. His first hit single in 2016 landed him a recording deal at Interscope Records.

He always shared his deep admiration of music with his fans, one day sharing, “I think it’s crazy that people even listen to my music and like it so much. The other day I was like ‘Wow. I can’t believe it actually worked.’ I get paid to do what I love and it doesn’t even feel like a job.”

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