Astronaut Scott Kelly has been documenting his record-breaking stay in space on his Twitter account – inadvertently sparking a UFO debate after tweeting out some pictures of his cosmic view.

Scott Kelly’s UFO Pics

On Sunday, Kelly tweeted a picture of his view over Southern India from the International Space Station that featured a curious object in the upper right-hand corner of the screen that has some declaring it a UFO.

“You can clearly see a large object with two lights on each end,” Sonofmabarker wrote on his YouTube video analyzing the picture. “It also appears to be very large and constructed.”

Though sonofmabaker and other extraterrestrial enthusiasts strongly believe that Kelly unintentionally or knowingly gave them some evidence of alien activity, others have offered more mundane explanations for the object. Theories suggest that the object is merely either a reflection from the window through which Kelly shot the picture, or a part of the massive ISS. A second picture Foley posted to Twitter Thursday has inspired similar debate, with alien hunters convinced of a UFO, and naysayers pointing out the more logical alternatives.

Neither Kelly nor NASA has addressed the rampant UFO theories.

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