A small asteroid flew by Earth on Sunday, making itself seen over New Zealand at around 2 p.m. EDT.

Asteroid Flies Over New Zealand

The asteroid, which was anticipated by NASA, measured an estimated 60-feet long, and was traveling at a trajectory suggesting it would be at least 25,000 miles away from Earth, meaning no risk of collision. NASA announced the news in a Tweet on Sunday, stopping rumors that an asteroid was about to hit the earth. “No worries. It’s about 25,000 miles away,” NASA wrote.

Though the asteroid, roughly described as being the size of a house, was not visible to the naked eye, scientists were able to study it using telescopes, and the asteroid managed to steer clear from any weather and communication satellites orbiting the Earth. Named 2014 RC, the asteroid may have caused a crater in Nicaragua. On Saturday night, something created a 39-foot wide crater in the woods of Nicaragua, which local authorities believe was caused by a meteorite that broke off from the 2014 RC asteroid. However, this remains unconfirmed.

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