Amidst rumors of infidelity, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have jetted off to the holy land to find some peace.

Arriving in Israel on Saturday, Kutcher, 32, quickly tweeted about the trip. "Sharing Love & Light while in IsraeI. Asking 4 the energy 2 forge bonds with our similarities & find compromise in our differences," he said, prompting speculation that he and Moore, 47, were attempting to work on their marriage. Moore is a follower of Kabbalah, a branch of Jewish mysticism.

Ever since the cheating allegations first arose, the couple have presented a united front, making appearances at the Clinton Global Initiative and posting pictures on Twitter of themselves in bed. The two techno fans also visited electric car group, Better Place, while in Israel. The couple celebrated its fifth anniversary a few weeks ago. –AMY LEE

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