Ashley Madison, the cheating site hit by hackers earlier this summer, is facing four lawsuits after its user date was made public.

Ashley Madison Lawsuits

In total, Ashley Madison has been hit with at least $500 million in lawsuits after a fourth one was filed in Missouri in July. Two had already been filed in California and another in Texas. Each of the lawsuits, filed by anonymous plaintiffs, are angling for class-action status, according to Wired.

The John and Jane Doe plaintiffs claim that Ashley Madison and its parent company Avid Life Media are in breach of contract. The lawsuits also claim that the companies engaged in negligence in protecting customer data and violated several state privacy laws.

The last lawsuit filed, by the anonymous Jane Doe in Missouri, claims that she paid a fee of $19 to have her personal information permanently removed from Ashley Madison. Despite paying the fee, her information apparently remained in the site’s database.

One of the U.S. lawsuits stands to get class-action status. If and when that happens, other lawsuits will be absorbed into that case.

Americans are not the only ones filing lawsuits. Canadian Ashley Madison customer Eliot Shore, who says he signed up for the site after his wife died of cancer but never used it, wants $578 million in damages.

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