Joe Jonas and Ashley Graham play boyfriend and girlfriend in the forthcoming music video for DNCE’s new single “Toothbrush.”

Joe Jonas & Ashley Graham IN DNCE Video

It was announced Monday that Jonas’ new band DNCE would drop the music video for their second single – “Toothbrush” – in the near future and that plus-size model Graham would star in the video as the former Jonas Brother’s love interest.

“This is my first music video and I’ve been a fan since ‘Cake By the Ocean,’ which I can’t get out of my mind,” Graham told Entertainment Tonight, referring to DNCE’s first hit track. “It’s such a great song and they’re such amazing, interesting people individually, and I’m just happy to be here.”

Jonas believes that “Toothbrush” really speaks to what DNCE – which features bassist-keyboardist Cole Whittle, guitarist JinJoo and drummer Jack Lawless – is all about as a band.

“[“Toothbush”] just one of those songs that we felt really passionate about and really embodies what DNCE is,” Jonas told ET. “It’s [about] that point in a relationship when it’s starting to get a little serious, but you aren’t fully there yet. Sometimes people leave a T-shirt or some shoes at somebody’s place, this time we are talking about a toothbrush. … It’s a song about a beautiful moment in time and I hope everyone really enjoys it.”

Lyrics from “Toothbrush,” include, “Baby, you don’t have to rush / You can keep a toothbrush at my place … We don’t need to keep it hush / You can keep a toothbrush at my place … Stuck in a limbo, half hypnotized / Each time I let you stay the night.”