Model Ashley Graham announced an exciting milestone in her second pregnancy with an Instagram post.

Graham, 34, reached 40 weeks of pregnancy according to her caption on Sunday, and her twin boys with husband Justin Ervin are expected any day.

“Due dates are just a suggestion, babies will always come on their birthday,” wrote Graham in the caption along with three shots of her in bed showing her baby bump.

The couple had their first son, Isaac Menelik Giovanni, in January of 2020, and discovered that Graham was expecting again over a year later in the Summer of 2021.

Graham has documented her pregnancy on social media extensively, including an emotional and pretty humorous video where she and Ervin discovered they would be having twins for the first time.

The video shows them both laughing and joyful in front of two positive pregnancy tests, then quickly cuts to footage of an ultrasound appointment where they learn that Graham is carrying twin boys. Graham is heard piping up with “is that a penis?” before laughing in disbelief and saying, “Are you serious? We’re gonna have three boys?”

Since then, Graham kept going with revealing and candid posts showing the changes in her body due to carrying twins.

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