Snow artist Simon Beck has created an enormous tribute to the award-winning show Game of Thrones in the untouched snowy French Alps.


Only using his body, snowshoes and math, Beck was able to create the astounding artwork. The project took 13 hours and 64,8000 steps. In the video below, the camera follows Beck as he works on his masterpiece.

Weather did play a part in making the work difficult. “It totally clouded over, even became foggy some of the time and I really couldn’t see where I was going, I got a bit lost,” he said. “It was very hard to navigate in the drawing, I thought at one point, we weren’t going to get it finished.” He also added, “It’s easy to do these drawings – it’s also very easy to make a careless mistake … which cannot be undone.”

Since the artwork was done in the Alps, it is unlikely that anyone will be able to see it, but Beck is selling the photo in his newest book fittingly called “Snow Art” on his website. To create his work of art, Beck uses a set of sketches to measure how many steps it would take to complete the task.

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