Artist Andrew Tarusov has taken Disney’s iconic characters and reimagined them with Tim Burton‘s gothic aesthetic.

Tim Burton’s Disney

What would Disney princesses look like in the world of Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas or Pinocchio in Frankenweenie or Bambi in Corpse Bride? That’s what Tarusov was asking himself when he got to work on his latest project.


Snow White (Andrew Tarusov Pin-Up & Illustration)

“I tried to combine colorful and happy Disney characters with Burton’s view,” Tarusov told The Huffington Post. “I either took some of my favorite moments from each movie, or I based my idea on the characters’ distortion.”


The Lion King (Andrew Tarusov Pin-Up & Illustration)

In his reinterpretation, Tarusov often takes liberties to make the beloved characters darker. For instance, instead of having birds and furry woodland creatures at her beck and call, Snow White is friendly with spiders. As for Bambi, he’s followed by a bat.


The Beauty and the Beast (Andrew Tarusov Pin-Up & Illustration)

Tarusov, who works as an illustrator in Los Angeles, last made waves when he reimagining Disney princesses as pin-up models in the fall.


Bambi (Andrew Tarusov Pin-Up & Illustration)

An admitted and obvious Disney fan, Tarusov said that having worked on pinup illustrations for years, it was a natural move to incorporate both in a project. “One day I decided to combine [the two],” he told Huffington Post last September. “It [was a] present for me and for my fans!”

This time around, the reasoning behind the project was similarly simple. “I’m a big fan of Tim Burton’s style and Disney movies,” Tarusov told the outlet. “So [when the idea] happened, I began to draw immediately.”

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