Arrow, following last week’s discovery that the Black Canary was a member of the League of Shadows, picked up with a party at Oliver’s place in “Crucible.”

Oliver (Stephen Amell) arrives at his party fashionably late after getting caught up in his Arrow activities in the Glades. Isabel Rochev is annoyed that Oliver isn’t putting enough effort into Queen Consolidated. Later on, Oliver gets an earful from Councilman Blood (Kevin Alejandro) about the gun problem that’s plaguing the Glade, which he, as Arrow, knows all about. Blood believes that the gun problem is the work of a guy he calls “The Mayor” (Clé Bennett).

When Oliver speaks with Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) at the party, she tells him that she believes The Canary and Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) are connected in some way. To figure out what that connection might be, and if it could prove dangerous for Laurel, Oliver runs off to her place. While there, he spies The Canary watching. The Canary tries to make a getaway after realizing Oliver has seen her with her sonic powers, but Oliver, one step ahead, is wearing earplugs. She reveals she knows that he’s Arrow, while he slowly realizes he’s talking to Sara (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) – Laurel’s sister that they’d believed drowned in the yachting accident five years ago.

Felicity and Diggs (David Ramsey) try to understand how Sara could possibly be alive. Oliver reveals that he did see her on the island once after the yacht sunk, but believed she’d died sometime after the fact. In a flashback, Oliver gets interrogated by a man on a boat who wants to know how many survivors are on the island. When Oliver doesn’t answer, he gets shot.

Meanwhile, Canary opens up to her sidekick Sin (Bex Taylor-Klaus) about her family. She tells Sin that they’re all right there in Starling City, but that she’s fearful of what would unfold if she let her family know that she was still alive. After all, she’s not the Sara they once knew.

Digg, putting his confusion about Sara on hold, chats with a friend who now works for the FBI. After they talk about Digg’s ongoing fascination with Deadshot, Diggs gets weapons tracking information from the friend that could lead to The Mayor’s stash. Oliver, focusing on the problem at hand, proposes a cash-for-guns program to Councilman Blood. While conceding it could help clean up the Glades, there’s the problem of money that the councilman just can’t solve. After getting rebuffed by Blood, Oliver uses the tracking device to locate the guns stolen by The Mayor. Though he gets the guns, The Mayor escapes.

Out for drinks with a colleague, Laurel learns that the fellow DA employee is into her. She wants nothing to do with his advances and decides to drive home. On her way, she’s pulled over, and her drunken driving gets reported back to her father, who fears she might be drinking to cope with her losses as he once did after learning of Sara’s death. Alive and well, Sara stops by Oliver’s to find out if he told her family she’s in town. He hasn’t. And when Officer Lance (Paul Blackthorne) comes by to ask Oliver for assistance in helping Sara, he still doesn’t.

The cash-for-guns event does go on as Oliver suggested, but it goes awry when The Mayor shows up with a loaded gun and begins firing. He hits Sin, who gets rushed to the hospital. Felicity realizes that The Mayor is likely getting the weapons from his foster brother who is in the military. Oliver hopes to stop the exchange of grenade launchers before its too late. When he, as Arrow, gets there, the Black Canary is already in action. Together, they team up to capture The Mayor.

Another flashback reveals that after he saved his own life by removing the bullet from his own flesh, Oliver was taken from a cell to a torture room. There, Sara approached him.

In Starling City, Blood thanks Oliver for running the cash-for-guns event and subsequently saving his life. Oliver returns the thanks with the suggestion that Blood run for mayor. Oliver’s trust turns out to be misplaced, as the episode's final minutes reveal that Blood is starting an army, and hoping to find a super serum that will make them unstoppable. His last attempt, with The Mayor, lead to death. But he’s not about to stop trying.

– Chelsea Regan

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