Skipping court is not generally the best way to get out of jail free. But Randy Quaid and wife Evi chose to take that route, failing to show for their court appearance in California Monday morning, resulting in the judge's issue of an arrest warrant for the pair.

The couple was arrested last month after they were found squatting in a home they once owned. The property owners claimed that the Quaids had left behind over $5,000 in damages to the house, and both Randy, 60, and Evi, 47, face trespassing and vandalism charges. Evi Quaid faces an additional charge of resisting or obstructing a peace officer, according to Radar Online.

Though the couple may turn themselves in earlier, their case is due to be called again on October 26. Their $50,000 bond was revoked when they failed to show in court. –AMY LEE

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