Arnold Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayek got together for a goofy take on the lives of Olympians that move to Palm Springs in a Super Bowl commercial for BMW’s new electric car, the iX.

We see Hayek’s Hera and Schwarzenegger’s Zeus in an impressively-staged Hall of Olympus announcing they will be retiring. What then follows are some humorous sketches of Zeus adjusting poorly to the slow life of retirement, with his new acquaintances constantly pestering him to start up their electric gadgets with his powers.

Other highlights of the commercial were the introduction of the couple’s pet, a stubby-legged pegasus, and a shot of Zeus floating around on a goofy pool floaty in his new home.

Hera finally cheers Zeus up with a new all-electric car, and he rigs traffic lights to be green all the way down the street so they can cruise away into the horizon. All-in-all it was a solid concept for a trailer held together by impressive visual effects and solid performances by actors willing to not take themselves too seriously for a goofy shoot.

You can watch the BMW spot below.

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